So Friday night we get a call from my cousins phone. It’s some dude who found the phone in a taxicab and was trying to find the owner. So we text some people to reach my cousin and let him know. About an hour later we get a text from the phone. So I’m guessing this guy who found the phone was pretty drunk, cause the text we get is totally a pic of this guys dick. I thought it would be funny to post the pic but I really don’t want this guys dick on my wall forever….



β€œIn a society whose toothy fake smile is ravaged by the plaque of death and the vodka burp of subprime mortgages, who will floss into the darkest cavities of our despair and see if there are any gold fillings you could swap for a can of peppermint flavoured antifreeze? Yes, it’s the surprising adventures of me, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar!”